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Affiliate Marketing Video Training

affiliate marketing video training

Free Affiliate Marketing Video Training Series


Amazon Affiliate Marketing Overview

This series of videos shows you the basics for setting up an affiliate marketing campaign using Amazon. Of course the same kind of general rules apply no matter what Affiliate Program you sign up with. The same basics apply.

Selecting The Products To Promote

It pays back in spades to determine before you start on a campaign, what affiliate products you are going to promote. Preparation is a key component of the process. Selecting the “wrong” products can lead to very high competition on the net and it will take a lot of effort on your end to rank your website.

Signing Up With Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest affiliate networks on the Internet. Most people start with an Amazon Affiliate Account and later spread out to other networks. Amazon pays around 4 to 6% commissions on products which isn’t really very much money if you choose to promote “low ticket” items. On the other hand if you have a highly trafficked website you can make a nice little nest-egg on the side without too much work.